Ferndale Cat Shelter + Komodo Kitchen Fundraising Collab

Ferndale Cat Shelter + Komodo Kitchen Fundraising Collab
Loudbaby’s Gina Onyx: Where Style Meets Spice 
Loudbaby’s co-founder and style director, Gina Onyx, isn’t just a trendsetter in design and fashion – she’s also a culinary connoisseur, delighting Detroit’s foodie scene since 2011 with Komodo Kitchen, her innovative pop-up dining venture. Born and raised in Jakarta, Gina loves demonstrating her deeply rooted pride and affection for Indonesian Culture and Cuisine to Michiganders with each and every dining event experience. Her personal style, passion, and technique enable her to create Indonesian dishes which strike a winning balance between authentic island flavors and the sensibilities of the modern American palate.
A Feast for the all the Senses (and the Felines!)
Recently, Komodo Kitchen was invited to participate in a fundraising event for the Ferndale Cat Shelter. Ticket’s to Komodo Kitchen’s “Balinese Dining Experience” sold out fast. Guests for this special evening enjoyed lively conversation amidst the alluring scents, sounds, and flavors of Bali – all while supporting the amazing work of the Ferndale Cat Shelter in helping adorable felines-in-need find their forever homes. Diners were treated to a five-course journey through the distinctive tastes of Bali, each dish crafted by Komodo Kitchen’s culinary team. From delicate and delightful hors d’oeuvres to succulent main courses bursting with vibrant spices, it was a true culinary adventure.
A Night to Remember – Beyond the Plate
The magic extended beyond the food. The intimate atmosphere, set in a beautiful private home, set the stage for lively conversations, as guests bonded over their shared love of delicious food and adorable adoptees. The positive energy of the evening was contagious! 
Celebrating Community and Compassion
The Ferndale Cat Shelter deserve a giant shoutout of gratitude for the vital role they play in our community. You can show your support for the Ferndale Cat Shelter by visiting their website, designed by Loudbaby in 2022, making a donation or by volunteering your time. Loudbaby is proud to support the Ferndale Cat Shelter as a client and as a local friend to the felines.
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