New Website: ImpactEleven Directory

New Website: ImpactEleven Directory
Your Access to the ImpactEleven Community of Speakers, Thought Leaders & Experts

We’re excited to announce the launch of a sophisticated new web application solution for ImpactEleven; the world’s preeminent keynote speaker training and development community.

The ImpactEleven Member Directory is a custom web application developed to enable Members (public speakers and thought leaders) to connect with one another via searchable private profile pages. Visitors can search the private directory, via an intuitive query system, in order to find and connect with expert public speakers specializing in a wide range of genres and styles.

The system also includes a custom built profile system where users can update their own content, with credentialed administrator oversight and management, of course.

It was important to our client that the system be purpose built and bespoke to their specifications, and not deliver an off-the-shelf cookie cutter experience.

Loudbaby stands apart from the majority of other WordPress agencies due to our deep skills and experience building both websites and web applications.

While no job is too complex for our team, we also understand that budgets are always important. Never reinvent the wheel, unless a rocket ship is required.

Loudbaby’s “secret sauce” is our ability to put together world class solutions which leverage existing open-source and commercial scripts and plugins, with fully custom augmentations in order to achieve the biggest bang-for-the-buck.

We always strive to be a paragon of value. 

If you run an innovative company like ImpactEleven, you need a web partner who can keep up with you… Congratulations. You found us! Let’s talk.

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